Things To Do In Buffalo in May: The B/Sides Ride

Things are about to get real at Buffalo Bike Tours – the season starts May 1st!

Things are about to get real at Buffalo Bike Tours – the season starts May 1st!

Spring had finally sprung. Now what? The answer in obvious: get on your bike and book a Buffalo Bike Tours ride! And no better way to spend your weekend than checking out the Buffalo B/Sides Ride.

What’s that? The B/Sides Ride is Buffalo Bike Tours’ first bike tour – started last year – and it celebrates Buffalo’s unsung history. It shows an alternative narrative, connecting the city’s storied past to its present-day resurgence through unforgettable stories, songs, humor, and local insight.

Topics on the B/Sides Ride include the city’s significance to the labor movement, civil rights, legendary music clubs, stunning public art, and LGBT/ alternative culture. Whether you’ve lived in Buffalo your whole life or you’re a first-time visitor, this bike tour is guaranteed to provide a new perspective and appreciation for the city!

Highlights include:

  • An introduction to Buffalo history and how it has shaped the city we know today.

  • Wild stories of Canalside, the city’s historic red light district.

  • Buffalo’s first African American community and the underground railroad.

  • Strikes, Anti-Communist raids, and the American labor movement.

  • Tales of resilience and community organizing.

Don’t miss out – get your tickets for the B/Sides Ride on the Buffalo Bike Tours website and experience Buffalo by bike – the most fun and best way to see the city!