Buffalo Bike Tours BIKE RENTALS


Why rent from Buffalo Bike Tours when there's Reddy Bikeshare?

Reddy Bikeshare is a great choice for commuting to work or to the grocery store for folks who live in apartments where bike storage is unavailable. It's also great for strong riders who don't mind the challenge of a 50+ pound bicycle.  

But If you want to EXPERIENCE BUFFALO BY BIKE on a lightweight & unique bike that's fit specifically to you with good lights & a helmet, without limitations or hidden fees, we're here for you. We're passionate about introducing visitors to the REAL BUFFALO and we're glad to share our knowledge with you about cool off-the-beaten-path spots, things you're interested in, and safe, interesting routes.  


Buffalo Bike Tours vs. Reddy Bikeshare


  • $15/ 3 hrs ride time

  • Great for exploring everywhere & anywhere

  • Many sizes & types of bikes that are fit to your height & specific needs

  • Bikes weigh 17-30 pounds

  • Free helmet & useful lights

  • No hidden fees

  • Locally-owned business

  • Fleet is comprised of refurbished bikes from GObike, our nonprofit advocacy organization

  • You'll look like a hip local

  • Rent from knowledgeable locals who are stoked on you having the best Buffalo experience possible.

  • Check out our reviews here


  • $8.50/activation fee, $3.60/hour, $51.70/day

  • Great for short trips, "point A to point B"

  • One size fits all

  • Limited service area, 30 minute hold time

  • Bikes weigh 57 pounds

  • No helmet & dim lights

  • Owned by Uber

  • Rent from a kiosk or bike rack.

  • Check out their reviews here


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